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Why is Broward County the Capital of Oxycodone?

drug-trafficking-6-150x118The drug industry is shifting from illegal street drugs to prescription pain pills. People are turning to the prevalent pain clinics to obtain their prescriptions for drugs like Oxycodone and Roxicodone. If you have been charged with drug crimes, contact a criminal defense lawyer to help you build your case.

Broward County – Capital of Pain Pills

According to MSNBC News:

Broward County has become the pill capital of the US. Pain clinics see anywhere from 10 to 100 patients a day. Usually the doctors were found on the internet and hired to work in these clinics. The patients pay cash and don’t use insurance so they won’t be tracked.

Florida is one of a handful of states that does not have a prescription drug database, so repeat prescriptions cannot be tracked. Out of the top 50 doctors that prescribe Oxycodone, 38 of them are located in Broward County. Officials are saying the drug wars aren’t in the streets anymore, it’s not about heroin or crack houses, it’s Oxycodone and Roxicodone from pain clinics.

Overdose Death Rate

The death rate from prescription drug overdoses is much higher than the drug overdoses of cocaine. The death rate in Broward country from oxycodone overdoses is 11 per day.

Broward County has become the source area for other states like Kentucky and Ohio. The circulation of such a large pill trade is believed to have been started by word of mouth. With such a high demand for prescription pain killers all over the nation, and Broward County being such a free-flowing area, Broward County has become a mecca for pain clinics.

Broward County and the US

Many people make trips to Broward County. People from all over come to Broward County two to three times a year for the specific purpose of obtaining large quantities of Oxycodone.

Kentucky officials are panicking as Oxycodone overdose deaths rise to 15-20 deaths per year in Greenup County, Kentucky. The vast majority of all prescriptions found were from Florida.

6.6 million pills were prescribed in Broward County in the last 6 months of 2008. There is pending legislation for prescription drug registry.

Oxycodone and the Law

Recently, signs advertising a pain management business called Pain Bee Gone were removed from two Boca Raton area high schools this month when a parent complained to the Palm Beach County School board.

Many Oxycodone offense cases involve false allegations. The police may notice the medication during a routine traffic stop and charge you with possession. If the amount of Oxycodone is over four grams, the police can charge you with drug trafficking. However, neither of these are valid allegations if you have a prescription for the medication or the pills were left over from a former prescription. If you have a prescription, having possession of the drugs is legal.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can represent you if you have been charged with drug crimes. Contact a criminal defense lawyer today and use a proactive defense to avoid a mandatory minimum prison sentence of three years or longer.

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