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Why Police Are Blaming Movies For Increase in Bank Robberies

robbery-in-florida_180x120-150x119As the number of South Florida bank and armored car robberies soar to 101 before the year’s end, law officers are wondering why the sudden increase. In 2009, the total was only 93. Police are beginning to blame the surge in bank robberies on Hollywood – the one in California.

Yet again on Tuesday, a pair of armed men attempted to rob a South Florida Bank of America. An armed courier for Brinks got out of his armored car about 7 a.m. outside the Bank of America drive-through in downtown Hollywood, Fl. He was approached by a figure holding a pistol. The robber fired, the courier fired, and after the periodic exchange of gunfire, the robber in question jumped into an old Toyota Camry with his accomplice and took off.

Why is it happening?

The FBI are starting to blame the cinema for the rise in robberies. Two movies about bank robberies have been released recently — The Town and Takers — and the FBI suspects that such cinematic efforts can inspire events like Tuesday’s episode outside a downtown Hollywood Bank of America.

“Some think it’s silly, but we’re convinced that people are influenced by films like these,” said Supervising Special Agent David Beall, who leads the FBI’s Miami-area violent crime task force that tackles bank robberies.

“We have seen enough bank robberies and spoken to enough robbers to know when we have a rash of bank jobs, it coincides with the release of new films on the subject.”

Armed Robbery and the Law

Robbery is defined as the theft or larceny of property or money through the offender’s use of physical force or fear against a victim. When a deadly weapon such as a gun is used or the victim suffers injury, the robbery may be charged as “armed robbery” or “aggravated robbery.”

According to the 2009 Florida Statutes, if in the course of committing the robbery the offender carried a weapon, then the robbery is a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life imprisonment.

Armed Robbery Defense

Armed robbery is clearly becoming even more common here in South Florida, whether because of the increase in bank robbery related movies or not. If you or someone you know has been charged with armed robbery, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. He or she will give you the answers you need and help you build a strong case to defend your actions.

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