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Will the Super Bowl Lead to a Spike in Criminal Activity?

super-bowl-leads-crimeExperts are saying where the demand is, that’s where the supply will be. Leading news reporters and experts on criminal trends are reporting that when large nationwide events occur, a spike in criminal activity is likely to happen. Law enforcement officers are turning their eyes away from Super Bowl XLVI this weekend in order to focus on potential criminal activity, likely to happen wherever large groups of people congregate for this special event.

Super Bowl Leads to Crime in Palm Beach

Dan Corcoran, a reporter for WPTV News Channel 5, wrote in his post yesterday:

“While final preparations are being made ahead of Super Bowl XLVI, law enforcement from Florida and elsewhere is honing in on the potential for a spike in child sex trafficking. The federal government reports that Florida is among the top states where the ugly trade can originate.”

Even though human sex trafficking is a serious sex crime that happens all over the country on a daily basis, there is generally a spike in this kind of activity that occurs as a result of the excitement brought on by grand events like the Super Bowl. Federal statistics say that Florida, New York, and California are the top three states for human sex trafficking, among other crimes, according to WPTV News.

South Florida is a Hub for Crime

South Florida is also known to be a major supplier for prescription drug abuse across the East Coast as well as in some states in the Midwest. Pill mills are one of the most pressing drug problems throughout South Florida. People travel all the way from Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to doctor-shop in the pain pill capital that is Florida. There are over 300 pain clinics in Palm Beach County and Broward County alone.

Although there has been legislation passed to restrict and regulate the pills that are distributed from these clinics, it has been statistically proven that there will be a spike in drug crimes this weekend in South Florida due to Super Bowl excitement, and how cheap and easily accessible these drugs can be.

Criminal Defense

South Florida law enforcement officers are honing in on criminal activity this weekend. If you have been arrested and accused of a crime, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. These crimes are extremely serious and have serious consequences that will ensue pending conviction. If you have any questions regarding your arrest, contact Andrew D. Stine for a consultation.

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