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Would You Report a Drunk Driver for a $100 Reward?

phones-against-drunk-driving_180x120According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, over 1,000 DUI arrests have been made since January 1st. Because of this extremely high number, a new program has been put into affect to help police catch and arrest drunk drivers.

Mobile Eyes against Drunk Driving

The new program is called “Mobile Eyes Against Drunk Driving.” The program encourages drivers to call 911 and alert Palm Beach County police of erratic or unsafe drivers.

The catch is, if a DUI arrest is made before a potential accident based on your tip, you get a $100 reward from the program.

The reason the program was put into place was because most people who notice drunk drivers on the road just try to stay out of their way. This program would give the public the incentive to report drunk drivers, prevent accidents, and increase DUI arrest statistics.

The idea is that people who choose to drive drunk might think twice if they understand that just about everyone on the road has eyes and ears open for them. There is a $500 reward limit per person for reporting unsafe drivers.

“We’re not encouraging people to run around Palm Beach County reporting DUIs,” said Zondra Hunter with the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, “We’re encouraging that if you do see it happen please report it.”

DUI Criminal Defense

The most important thing in DUI cases is early intervention by your criminal defense lawyer. This proactive involvement will help you avoid the consequences of a conviction, which are very serious in Florida. If you submitted to a breathalyzer and failed, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can argue the reliability of that breathalyzer. Knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers know which brand of breathalyzers have significant consistency machine failures here in Florida.

Contact a criminal defense lawyer and protect your right to drive.

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